About Adopt-a-Family 2022

  Greetings Parishioners and Adopt-a-Family Donors!   Preparations are underway for our annual St. Jude’s Adopt-a-Family Christmas Program 2022! Although how we provide for children in need looks different than years past, our goal to share our many blessings with others remains steadfast. It has been necessary to make changes to Adopt-a-family in response to both the pandemic and social agency considerations. Details are outlined below: Overview: Adopt as many girls/boys as desired from different age groups   Provide presents that fit in large shoe box sided gift box - one box per child Purchase gift cards for parents to use to buy gifts (one for each child) Build community by participating as a company, classroom, club, neighborhoods  Adopt-A-Family Details and Sign-up: Sign-up by completing this on-line form (click here) to choose gender and ages. We are providing for kids from toddlers to teenagers, with the largest needs being those between ages 6 and 14. Fill box with gifts - Gi

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